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Ninjai Animated Feature
(in production)

About Ninjai, the Little Ninja

Ninjai is the unique embodiment of childish innocence, goodness of heart, spirituality, and a sense of justice. With no memory of who he is or why he is mysteriously blessed with martial arts skills well beyond his years, Ninjai travels the ancient past seeking his identity. A small boy on a journey of discovery in a vast and dangerous world, Ninjai uses his exceptional gift of fighting abilities to not only defend himself, but also protect others who cannot do so themselves.

Befriended by Little Bird, his trusted and devoted companion, Ninjai journeys in search of answers to one of life’s most fundamental questions: Who am I?

How Ninjai, the Little Ninja Was Born

The story of how Ninjai came about is quite interesting. Some years ago, we were in the midst of practicing and preparing our martial arts choreography for a live-action project. One of our good friends, Chuz, got injured doing some stunt work with wires. We weren’t that experienced using wires at the time, and unfortunately he was a bit overweight. We had been warning him about his weight, but he kept eating potato chips! Anyway, a wire broke and he took a serious fall. He broke his leg. As fate would have it, Chuz just so happened to be an animation and computer game freak since childhood. He had been teaching himself animation for many years and was quite good. Anyway, since Chuz’s broken leg was keeping him confined to his chair or bed, he was becoming extremely frustrated. He was used to engaging in a lot of physical activity—not just martial arts, but body-boarding and other sports. So not being able to move around more, his frustration built up and he had nowhere to vent his energy, so he spent all his time doodling on the computer.

One day while he was screwing around, he created this little stick figure character and started doing all kinds of animation. I guess this little character became a vehicle for Chuz to let out all his frustration and anger because it developed into quite a violent little guy. Anyway, Chuz eagerly showed us what he had been doing all day, and we thought it was quite creative and indeed humorous in a violent sort of way. That’s when we all began to chime in with ideas for the character. But unfortunately, the character remained an extremely violent little guy with absolutely no spiritually endearing qualities or values whatsoever. In fact, we soon dubbed him “Violent Little Bastard.”

At the time, we even thought of putting this Violent Little Bastard character up on the Web since some of the stories Chuz had come up with were quite creative, interesting, and humorous. We even trademarked the name! However, since most of us had been raised on the ideals of yoga, martial arts, and Eastern philosophy, we concluded it would not be very socially responsible of us to publish Violent Little Bastard on the Web or anywhere else. We take the idea of karma seriously and did not want to be a bad influence on anybody—especially children. So we began to work on turning Violent Little Bastard into a whole new character—one who was not only capable of carrying out violence, but who also possessed deeper values and better qualities. So naturally we turned to the values that most of us in the Gang had been raised with—the deeper values of yoga, martial arts, and Eastern spirituality. Ninjai was the result. Ninjai is the unique embodiment of childish innocence, goodness of heart, spirituality, and a sense of justice combined with unsurpassed skills in martial arts and a willingness to use those fighting skills to defend himself and others.

Ninjai Game - Ninjai and the Enchanted Forest
(in production)

“Ninjai and the Enchanted Forest” is a next-gen portable device "runner" game, primarily targeting touch device smartphones and tablets. It will be one of the first of the ”runner” genre to combine a plot-driven story with interactive action, a formula. Ninjai and his friend Little Bird are drawn into a corrupted poisonous forest with a mysterious evil beneath. With the help of the guardian of the forest, they must seek out and destroy the root of the evil and corruption.