About Liang Chang Xing

Liang Chang Xing is an award-winning master and athlete in the Chinese martial art of Wushu, having been awarded 16 gold medals in national and international competitions, including 9 individual and 7 team gold medals.

Born in Beijing, China, in 1961, Liang Chang Xing began training at age 6, dedicating between 6 and 8 hours a day. At the age of 15, he joined the famous Beijing Wushu Team. Wushu is the Chinese national sport, and the Beijing Wushu Team members are the most decorated professionals in China. With a 50-year history and team alumni consisting of Liang Chang Xing, Jet Li, Hao Zhi Hua, and Zhang Hong Mei, the Beijing Wushu Team is truly the best of the best.

Since 1997, Liang Chang Xing has been working with Ninjai Gang LLC, an independent producer of motion pictures and videos in the United States that specializes in martial arts and dramatic action productions. Ninjai Gang, together with Liang Chang Xing, have produced such martial arts movie projects as Ninjai: The Little Ninja and Karma Kula.

Since 1993, Liang Chang Xing has utilized his Wushu mastery to train actors and stunt personnel and to choreograph fighting sequences for the international motion picture industry and for live performances. Between 1991 and 1997, he was the director and head stunt choreographer at Action Image Stunt School. As such, Mr. Liang has choreographed several films (including Chinese Wushu).

Mr. Liang has also trained some well-known film stars in Hong Kong, China, and the United States in martial arts and the use of weaponry.

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